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    Top Concerns of Beauty Brands About Amazon

    Amazon’s relationship with beauty brands has always been a bit unpredictable. But in recent years, it seems like the online retailer and many of its competitors have started to become more alike. They're pivoting their business models so that they can meet new demand trends brought on by pandemic outbreaks, which had major consequences for retailers around the world.

    Amazon has quickly become the go-to place for shoppers and brands alike. The eCommerce giant accounts for over 40% of all online sales, which means that if you have a product to sell or promote on Amazon—there will be plenty of people looking at it! 

    Here are some top concerns of beauty brands about Amazon. If you are also looking for information regarding beauty brands on Amazon, keep reading this blog. 

    CONCERN 1: Should I have my luxury beauty product on Amazon? Does it change the perception of my brand?

    The future of retail is now Amazon, as it has taken a significant share of the beauty market with an impressive ⅓ share in just 3 years and it's only getting bigger! So many people now shop from their phones or computers instead via desktop computer visits causing such a massive influence on the beauty industry. In such a business scenario, you need to start thinking about how your brand will reach these shoppers and for that, you need the brand’s omnichannel strategy. A brand must take ownership of its Amazon presence in order to grow. By implementing the right marketplace strategy, they can elevate and optimize listings while using it as an opportunity for growth rather than avoiding it.

    The internet retailer may now be more accessible than ever before given how many people are utilizing their platform on daily basis; however, there's still time left if your company wants success.

    CONCERN 2: How much inventory do I need to meet the demand for my products on Amazon?

    The ability to plan your marketing and demand effectively will allow you more control over when inventory should be ordered, reducing out-of-stock rates while cutting down on warehousing overhead.

    To ensure your products are being seen and sold, you need to know what people want. To do this well on Amazon requires an in-depth understanding of the marketplace as a whole: from how much demand there is for certain types of product within different categories all way down into your own brand. Knowing which products have high followings is the key to estimating how much inventory you need to meet the demand for your products on Amazon.

    CONCERN 3: How can I avoid and handle copycat brands on Amazon?

    To help combat issues of counterfeiting and knockoffs, Amazon has created a suite of tools for brands enrolled in their Brand Registry.

    There are many different tactics that brands can use to increase their sales on Amazon while combating this issue. The list includes working with Amazon directly, product marketing, or taking action against illegal activity.

    Highlight the unique qualities of your brand to set it apart from cheap imitations. Target shoppers want what you have and will go out on a limb for it, so make sure that they know where their next purchase is coming from by highlighting how great this product really is!

    CONCERN 4: I’m following the 1P model on Amazon, should I make a transition to 3P?

    Premium brands have been scratching their heads over the 1P vs 3P debate for years. The right decision is unique to your needs and will depend on what you're looking for in a production partner, like control or consistency when it comes to forecasting demand, planning content strategy, branding access, robust sales, and consumer data.

    Working with an Amazon retail partner is the perfect way to gain exposure, build brand equity, and manage your inventory. 3P also allows you more profit depending on how big or small your business idea might be! You can get all this without having any worries about managing things like shipping times because someone else will do that for us. With 3P, customers don't notice any delays in receiving products from their favorite brands.

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