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    How to Strategize Your Social Media Marketing to Attract More Sales on Amazon

    We live in a world where we can buy almost anything online. Amazon has become one of the most popular places to purchase items since it is so easy to find what you need, just place an order and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

    Out of all the different ways that people market their products on Amazon, using social media marketing seems like one of the best options – especially if you're looking for more sales.

    In this post, we'll share with you some proven strategies for how to get more sales on Amazon. You'll learn what type of content is most successful and how to use your social media platforms strategically. So let's dive in!

    Integrate Amazon into Your Social Media Pages
    A proven fact is that when businesses integrate their Facebook and Instagram pages with Amazon, sales increase. Whether you have a new account or an existing community of followers on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, there are ways to drive traffic to your favorite products.

    • You can use a link in your Instagram bio or tap.bio to make sure that all of the Amazon listings can be found at one link. It makes it easier for customers who want more information about what they're looking at!
    • Get your products in front of the millions who shop on Amazon with a Facebook store. You can create an online storefront that is displayed when someone visits your page and has links to each product listing, giving you unparalleled exposure for all those hard-to-find items!
    • Linking to your Amazon listings or store on Facebook is a great way of building customer loyalty. The more you post with links, the better! Choose what time frame works best for linking and make sure not too often that it begins looking spammy.
    • It is important to use attributable links. The Amazon Attribution Program will allow your website traffic and product sales data to be tracked, which could help with marketing efforts in many ways. It helps in understanding how many people are purchasing certain items from you or what keywords they are using when searching online on different sites.
    • You can take advantage of Amazon coupon codes by including them in your posts and/or bio. This will enable you to see how engaged people are with the product because they'll be able to redeem it themselves! Your followers also benefit from these deals - it's a win-win all around.
    • Posting product updates on your social pages about the latest coupon, product launch or price cut will make sure you grab the attention from potential customers!
    • Posting of product video and reels play a crucial role for your product information. You can create reels fast and easily with the help of a reel maker.

    Attract More Traffic to Amazon with Ads on Social Media Channels (Facebook & Instagram)

    When driving traffic back to your store, paid Facebook and Instagram ads are a quick way. Our experienced social media experts can have campaigns up within 30 minutes that will take people from the internet directly over there!

    We typically strategize a paid social media campaign considering the following things:

    Main Objective of the Campaign
    The main objective of a campaign for driving conversions is not surprisingly the conversion. Unfortunately there's no way to place Facebook's tracking pixel onto Amazon so we cannot use this as an option. Instead we focus on our other options more closely such as engagement rate or email list growth with these metrics being much easier measurements from which one can judge success. The second objective is traffic.

    Ad Sets
    Commonly, we strategize our campaigns based on at least 3 ad sets:

    ● Interest-based audiences are built to target the specific interests of potential customers. We make educated guesses about who would be interested in your brand and then review this audience weekly, making adjustments based on which demographics have clicked more than others during testing phases.
    ● Custom audiences are important because they allow you to target people based on their interests. You can create a custom audience for your Facebook page followers or an email list. Then you can use them in ads that direct users with abandon cart messages from Amazon.
    ● Lookalike audiences are a great way to expand your reach beyond the people who follow you already. We like creating lookalike groups of Facebook followers, email lists and those who have engaged with ads or posts on social media before - this will allow for higher conversion rates as well!

    Creative Content
    The best social ads have something eye-catching about them. A lot of weight goes into creativity and tone when designing these types of advertisements, so make sure your ad has some innovative features. Eye-catching creativity can make all the difference in an ad campaign for social media sites like Facebook!

    Wrapping Up: Social Media Marketing to Attract More Sales on Amazon

    You know how to sweet talk your way through a party, but what about on Facebook? Some people think they can just upload some content and bam! They’ll have customers coming out of the wazoo. However, this might not always be true!

    According to The Social Media Marketing Handbook by Bagsley et al., “When someone visits one page, it takes them an average of 831 days to make a purchase." Then there’s a question "Who's going to make that happen?" Only a good social media marketing strategy can help you get more sales.

    Well now there is no need to fret because we've got our very own team that can help you get the best Social Media Marketing strategy to get more sales on your Amazon account.

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