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what are the best items to sell on amazon
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    7 Most Profitable And Best Items to Sell on Amazon in 2024

    Are you a budding businessman striving to sell your products on the Amazon marketplace? Amazon may offer incredible opportunities for sellers to earn profits by selling their products due to its vast customer base and global reach. However, it's important to note that simply listing a new product on Amazon doesn't guarantee instant sales. So, to succeed on Amazon, you must carefully select the products. But choosing the best items to sell on Amazon can be challenging, particularly for beginners.

    Don't fret! In this article, we'll unveil 7 highly profitable items that can help you skyrocket your sales on Amazon. Whether you're an experienced seller or just starting, these top-selling products are worth considering for your online business. So, let's dive in and explore the key to maximizing your Amazon sales!

    Factors to Consider for Selecting the Best Items to Sell on Amazon

    best items to sell on amazon fba for beginners

    When identifying top-selling products on Amazon, relying solely on the best-seller list is just the beginning. Therefore, It's crucial to delve deeper and gather the following relevant data:

    1. Average Monthly Sales: Understanding the average monthly sales of a product helps gauge its popularity and demand. This information gives you insights into the potential sales volume you can expect.

    Moreover, if you’re a newbie to the Amazon marketplace, read our guide on things you should know before selling on Amazon to learn the basics of the Amazon business.

    1. Competition Analysis: Assessing the number of other sellers offering the same product is vital. A high level of competition might make it more challenging to stand out and achieve significant sales.
    1. Price, Reviews, and Sales History: Examining a product's average selling price, reviews, and sales history provides valuable context. It helps you understand customer perceptions, market dynamics, and the item's potential profitability.
    1. Sales Margins: Understanding the potential sales margins allows you to assess the profitability of a product. You must consider the factors such as sourcing costs, fees, and shipping expenses to determine if the margins align with your business goals.

    If you want to learn some tactics for negotiating products’ prices without any loss, read our guide on how to negotiate cost prices with Amazon successfully.

    1. Sales Trends: Analyzing sales trends provides insights into the product's performance over time. Identifying whether sales are trending up or down helps you make informed decisions and adapt your strategies accordingly.

    6 Tips for Choosing the Best Items to Sell on Amazon FBA

    best items to sell on amazon fba

    While narrowing products to sell on Amazon FBA, there are specific criteria to consider for optimal success:

    1. Avoid Designer-Branded Products

    Most Amazon buyers seek decent products at good prices. It's often better to focus on offering value rather than competing directly with well-known or designer brands.

    1. Create Your Brand

    Listing products under your brand name and providing added value, such as faster shipping or exceptional customer service, can give you an edge over competitors. 

    Also, if you haven’t registered your brand yet and don’t know how to register it, read our guide on Amazon brand registry in 2024.

    1. Opt for Small and Lightweight Products

    Choosing small and lightweight products can save you on storage fees, especially for items that may sell slower. Additionally, more extensive and heavier products come with higher shipping costs, impacting your overall profitability.

    1. Choose Uncomplicated Products

    Select products that are easy to use to minimize customer issues. Complicated or intricate products may lead to more customer complaints or returns, affecting your seller's reputation.

    1. Consider Certifications and Paperwork

    Specific product categories like foods, toys, batteries, or beauty products may require specific certifications or paperwork. These documents can be challenging and time-consuming, so factor this into your decision-making process.

    1. Selling Price Range

    A selling price between £10 and £50 is often recommended. Products priced below £10 are unlikely to yield significant profits unless you sell them in large volumes. On the other hand, products priced above £50 may have higher profit margins but could attract fewer potential buyers.

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    What Are the Best Items to Sell on Amazon FBA for Beginners?

    Here we've mentioned 7 top-selling products to help you achieve your business goals and target market.


    Electronics have a consistently high demand, making it an ideal choice for building a sustainable eCommerce business. Within this category, you can offer several best-selling items to customers, such as home entertainment products, batteries, TVs, speakers, earphones, cameras, etc. Moreover, if you are passionate, consider expanding into computers, gaming accessories, and smart technology, broadening your range of product ideas.

    Electronics are known for being the best thing to sell on Amazon as they often come in small packages, resulting in lower shipping fees, thus saving money on shipping costs.

    Pet Supplies

    what are the best items to sell on amazon

    For Amazon sellers seeking a niche market, pet supplies are a popular and profitable category. Moreover, within the pet supply category, you have various items to sell, such as pet food, treats, harnesses, nail cutters, car seats, collars, apparel, bedding, etc.

    According to Statista, approximately 67% of Americans own a pet, meaning 85 million pet owners in the US. With such a substantial market, it's important to consider pet supplies for generating significant Amazon FBA sales.

    Print-On-Demand Products

    Are you a creative individual looking to turn your talent into profits like an artist or designer? If so, print-on-demand products are an excellent avenue to monetize your creativity. Here's how it works:

    Instead of stocking products, you collaborate with a print-on-demand website such as Printful or Printify. These platforms provide various products to sell while you contribute your unique designs.

    With print-on-demand, you can add your designs to various products, from t-shirts and hoodies to caps, books, posters, backpacks, mugs, etc. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to offer a diverse range of inventory to cater to different customer preferences.

    Also, if you’re short on inventory, read our guide on selling on Amazon without Inventory which will help you earn revenues without enough product stock.

    Home and Kitchen Products

    best things to sale on amazon

    Creating a beautiful and cozy home is a universal desire, and that's why products in the house and kitchen category continue to be highly sought-after on the Amazon Marketplace. Customers constantly look for products that enhance their living spaces, from decorative items and kitchen appliances to dining sets, furniture, groceries, gardening supplies, tools, and more.

    Games, toys, and puzzles

    what are the best items to sell on amazon

    Engaging in leisure activities is essential for children and adults, and games, playthings, and puzzles provide a fantastic way to have fun and relax. Children can enjoy playing, socializing, and developing their cognitive skills through these products, which is a great advantage for parents. As an Amazon seller, these best items to sell on Amazon offer a lucrative opportunity due to the consistently high demand for games and toys. Moreover, you can achieve a good Amazon return on investment in this domain with the right strategy and market research.

    Books or eBooks

    Bookstores have found tremendous success selling hardcover copies on Amazon, with monthly sales reaching staggering numbers. However, the opportunities don't stop there. Kindle e-books, audiobooks, paperbacks, and audio CDs also contribute to the thriving book market on Amazon. Many small businesses are capitalizing on this opportunity and selling many books on the platform.

    Clothing, jewelry, and beauty products

    best thing to sell on amazon

    People strongly desire to look and feel amazing, and these products play a significant role in achieving that. While competition in this category can be intense, you can still boost your sales on Amazon.

    Beauty brands offer a variety of products such as skincare, lipsticks, foundations, etc. Moreover, instead of selling mainstream jewelry, you can focus on handmade jewelry with more personality and uniqueness.

    On the other hand, in the clothing category, consider niche markets or specific styles that cater to a particular audience. Targeting a specific segment can create a loyal customer and stand out in an overcrowded market.


    Selecting the best items to sell on Amazon is crucial for maximizing sales and profitability. By strategically doing so, you can stay ahead of market trends and maximize your sales on the Amazon platform. Remember, thorough market research is essential to understand customer preferences and identify profitable niches within these categories.

    Moreover, analyzing competition and considering customer reviews will ensure you offer high-quality products that meet the needs of your target audience. Start your journey today and unlock the potential of Amazon for your business. 

    Also, if you’re an Amazon reseller and don’t know how to resell products, read our guide on reselling on Amazon.

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    Frequently Asked Question

    What Are The Best Items To Sell On Amazon?

    The best things to sell on Amazon include cat litter, WiFi extenders, tablets, cat food, mascara, Bluetooth speaker, neck massager, car phone holders, sports items, scented candles, etc.

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