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    How to Run Successful Facebook Ads for Amazon Products

    If you want to boost your sales, Facebook ads for Amazon products are an ideal option. Create a community on the Facebook platform to converse with about your Amazon products and you’ll be surprised to see how much more traffic you can pull on your Amazon store. Through detailed targeting, sellers can attract a lookalike audience and users who are more likely to purchase. However, running Facebook ads for amazon products is a tricky task, especially if you are not aware of the nuances.

    In this article, we’ll guide you through the know-how of creating Amazon Facebook ads and how you can enhance your product visibility and drive more sales. With these practices, you won't end up wasting your social media ad spend.

    Why Facebook Ads?

    Before moving forward, let’s find out why you should care about Facebook ads in the first place.

    Facebook is a great social media platform to enhance your Amazon business in different ways and the most crucial one is external traffic. Acting as an additional sales channel, the platform opens up your products to a much wider audience. It also increases the probability to make a lot more sales as compared to using Amazon itself alone. With more than 2.93 billion users on Facebook all over the world, you can make your product reach about anyone.

    With the new sales channel and increased audience, you can not only grow your cash flow and sales but your ranking on Amazon as well. Amazon also tends to prefer products that get sales from different traffic sources. Traffic from diverse sources is a sign of popularity and Amazon gives popular products more visibility compared to others and places them higher on Amazon search. Higher rankings on Amazon lead to more organic traffic and thus you get incredibly valuable organic sales.

    Another reason to prefer off-Amazon traffic sources like the Facebook channel is that it allows you to build your own customers. When you’re selling on Amazon, you don’t get your customers. The customers are buying the product from Amazon. Amazon collects their contact information and can market to them directly. The platform can also take away your customers at any instant.

    You can’t get any kind of contact information for people who buy from you through Amazon. The only way you can get their information is to have them first on another channel and get their phone number or email before they reach Amazon. Once you have a customer list, you can use it for email marketing, audience building, or even selling on your own site. Thus, you can put your business in a much more stable position.

    Things You Need for Amazon Facebook Ads 

    There are different things you need first before getting into how to place Facebook ads for amazon products:

    • A Facebook page that you’ll use for advertisement. 
    • A Facebook Ads Manager account.
    • A credit card to pay for the ad services.
    • And a landing page for your own website.

    On your landing page, always include a link to your privacy policy as some buyers are cautious about giving their emails to Amazon sellers before they buy a product.

    You can also include other links that lead the customers toward your other products or to your personal website. All these links must be relevant to your products and services.

    How to Run Facebook Ads for Amazon Products That Move Needle?

    Facebook ads need experience. Beginners can run into some common mistakes, setting them back and resulting in a lot of wasted ad spend. Below are some keys for a positive ROI, even if you’re totally unfamiliar with Facebook ads.

    1. Product Page Optimization

    One of the biggest mistakes Amazon sellers make is running ads on a product page that is not properly optimized. It is just a waste of ad spending. Moreover, you might also end up driving traffic to your competitors.

    Before running paid ads for your Amazon listing, ensure that the page is optimized for conversions. Your listing copy must be easily readable and vividly convey your product’s use cases and benefits. Also, images must be clear and show the product in a good light. If your listing is just stuffed with keywords, you are just going to lose traffic.

    1. Qualify Your Audience

    People tend to make a sales funnel as short as possible, such as a Facebook ad with a link to the Amazon product page to get as many conversions as possible. But that’s not a good idea. 

    The traffic on Amazon is of very high buyer intent. People come to Amazon when they want to purchase something. It means the average conversion rates are extremely high on Amazon as compared to any other online platform. Therefore, when you send traffic to the product page from outside Amazon, that traffic often converts at a lower rate as compared to the average conversion rate on Amazon. Thus, when you send people right to the product listing, it hurts your overall conversion rate.

    So, unless the traffic you’re sending has a higher buyer intent, you need to use an intermediate step, like a Messenger bot or a landing page. Use this intermediate step to give more information about your product before giving a link to Amazon. People who are not ready to buy and were mildly interested will leave at this step, never actually reaching Amazon. While others with the intent to buy, click through the product page. It gets you a higher conversion rate sending a positive signal to Amazon.

    1. Gather Contact Details

    Driving traffic from outside Amazon helps you collect contact information of customers and you can build a list. While running Facebook ads, don’t miss this opportunity. Facebook ads are expensive and it is quite tough to run ads to make a profit while keeping pricing competitive on Amazon. 

    But the value you get in return from Facebook ads is more than just a dollar in profit. Each email subscriber you get can offer a certain amount of value in the future and that’s where your ad spend investment is going. You can build out your Facebook ads funnel as follows:

    • First Step: The Facebook Ad
    • Second Step: The landing page with a discount code when the buyer opts in with an email
    • Third Step: Go to Amazon
    1. Offer Discount

    A lot of popular Amazon marketing agencies focus on this a lot. When we are on Facebook, we see a lot of ads. People scrolling on Facebook are also very rare in the buyer’s mindset.  You need to grab their attention by providing something that makes your ad stand out and makes the mindlessly scrolling person want to buy your product.

    A discount is a great way to get the audience’s attention and it is a valuable step while learning how to do Facebook ads for amazon products. People love discounts. An ad saying “Get 25% off on a Product” is much more effective than one just saying “Buy this Product.” By offering discounts, you give your customer a real incentive to click through, and there is less dependency on the features and benefits of your product to convince them.

    1. Test and Optimize

    Another Facebook ads misconception is running a campaign for a short time, observing few results, and claiming that the channel is a failure. Facebook ads need a number of testing and optimization and with that, you can improve your results and also cut down the costs over time. You need to test certain things like different images, audiences, different styles of copy, and even different funnels such as Straight to Amazon vs Messenger vs Landing page. Then see which ones are bringing you the best results.

    For this, you need a decent amount of budget to play with before getting into Facebook ads for Amazon products. If you want to spend little money and get a positive ROI, you better invest the amount into Amazon PPC instead.

    1. Retargeting

    Retargeting is a crucial part of every digital marketing strategy. It means to show ads to the audience who have taken particular actions in the past, such as making a purchase or viewing a page. It is a powerful strategy because those people have already taken actions showing that they have some kind of interest in your business. By creating audiences based on their actions, you can make extremely targeted ads, as compared to the one that treats everyone the same.

    A good strategy for retargeting is to run ads to a broad audience with no discount, just a landing page that promotes your product at full price. Next, target the audience who visited your page and didn’t click through with a small discount, such as 15% off. After that, retarget people who visited again but still didn’t click through, even with a larger discount. 

    It is the perfect way to maximize the profit you get from your ads, by first capturing the full-price sales from the audience who are willing to buy without a large discount.


    Facebook ads can be a powerful growth lever for your Amazon business. With a successful strategy, you can not only grow your visibility and cash flow but can also build key assets for your business which includes an email list. 


    If you find this article helpful then join our social footprint for more Amazon insights and growth hacks. Become a part of our Amazon Facebook community group to stay updated with the latest Amazon news, tips, and tricks. Follow us on LinkedIn for expert guides and Amazon growth strategies. Experts at our Amazon growth agency are always available to answer any questions and provide personalized support. Check out our SwiftStartUP Amazon podcast for exclusive insights from experts and success stories from top Amazon sellers. Don't forget to claim your free Amazon account audit right now!

    Want to Know More About Facebook Ads for Amazon Products?

    How much does a Facebook ad for Amazon cost?

    There are two metrics according to which Facebook bills advertisers: Cost-per-Click (CPC) and Cost-per-Thousand-Impressions (CPM).  The cost of Facebook ads depends on your campaign objective, bidding model, and industry. If you’re using CPC, Facebook ads cost around $0.94 per click. Contrary to that, if you use CPM, Facebook ads cost around $12.07 per 1000 impressions.

    How do I track my Amazon conversions from Facebook Ads?

    There are a number of ways to track Amazon conversions from Facebook ads:

    • Use a promo code; take the total number of times the code was redeemed from the Amazon reports and match this against the data in your ad manager.
    • Take the Amazon order info, upload it to Facebook, and match it to profiles, now match to the ad account. You can use a virtual assistant to do this task for you.
    • You can include a unique affiliate link in every Facebook ad or a unique link on every landing page. It tracks all the sales that occurred on Amazon from the link. 
    • There are also third-party tools that help you link up and optimize data from both channels.

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