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where is claim code on amazon gift card
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    Where Is Claim Code On Amazon Gift Card And How to Redeem It

    Even if people have been using Amazon for a long time, they might wonder, “Where is claim code on Amazon gift card?" or "What kinds of gift cards can I get?" and "How do I use Amazon Gift Cards?"

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    Key Highlights

    1. Breakdown of Gift Card types: physical, Amazon, and specialty gift cards.
    2. Explanation of the Amazon Gift Card Claim Code as a 14-character mix of letters and numbers.
    3. Distinction between physical and digital gift cards, providing instructions on finding the claim code.
    4. Detailed instructions for two methods of redeeming Amazon gift cards.
    5. Awareness of potential problems during the redemption process and resolving these problems.

    Why We Wrote This?

    This content aims to educate you on where is the claim code on the Amazon gift card because it is the key to redeeming the value of the gift card and using it to make purchases on the Amazon website. When you receive an Amazon gift card, whether physical or digital, the claim code is needed to access the Amazon gift card funds or credit attached to the card. Without the claim code, you won't be able to use the gift card to make purchases on Amazon.

    So, in this blog, we’ll discuss the kinds of gift cards, the claim code, where to find it, how to redeem it, and the problems you might face during redeeming.

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    What Kinds Of Gift Cards Are Available?

    where is the claim code on an amazon gift card

    Before discussing where is the claim code on an Amazon gift card query, let’s first discover the types of gift cards. You can buy different types of Amazon gift cards based on what you need. Here's a breakdown of the various Amazon Gift Card options:

    Amazon Digital Gift Card: This one can come as an email, text, or Print-at-Home card. You can personalize it with pictures and messages, making it more special.

    Physical Gift Cards: These come in various designs. It could be a fun box with pop-up designs, a simple card in an envelope, or the classic sleek design we all recognize. The cool packaging reinforces that gift cards are thoughtful presents.

    Specialty Gift Cards: Amazon teams up with well-known brands for these such as Netflix, Apple, Uber, Starbucks, and Whole Foods. If your brand is on point, it could be the next big success to join this list.

    Amazon Reload: Perfect for those wanting to save their gift cards for a bigger purchase. It's a great gift for many people. To plan their marketing strategies, sellers should watch different gift card promotions and Amazon news.

    (Note: During special events like "Amazon Prime Day," there are special discounts, freebies, and extras for gift card buyers. For example, during the recent Prime Day 2023, customers who spent $100 on DoorDash gift cards got a $20 credit, among other deals. Staying updated on these opportunities increases your chances of success on the platform.)

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    What's the Amazon Gift Card Claim Code?

    The Amazon Gift Card Claim Code is a special 14-character mix of letters and numbers tied to your Amazon gift card. You use this code to unlock and access the value of the card.

    The claim code is the key when you get an Amazon gift card, digital or physical. You punch in this code to add the card's value to your Amazon account.

    Simply put, the Claim Code is like the secret password that opens up the value of your Amazon Gift Card, letting you use it to shop for stuff on Amazon.

    Are you new to Amazon and don’t know about LPN numbers? Here is a guide for you that will help you know what is LPN number on Amazon.

    Where Is The Claim Code On Amazon Gift Card?

    where is the claim code on amazon gift card

    Gift cards have two types - physical and digital - with a unique 14-character code.

    For Physical Gift Cards: If you have a physical Amazon Gift Card, the claim code is tucked away beneath a scratch-off or peel-off strip on the back. Just uncover or wipe off this protective layer to reveal the code.

    For Digital Gift Cards: In the case of digital gift cards, the claim code is presented in different ways. It might be right at the top of the message or just below the logo in the email. Alternatively, it could come as an attachment along with the email.

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    How to Use Your Amazon Gift Card: Step by Step

    Now you know where is the claim code on a Amazon gift card, let’s discover how to redeem it. There are two easy ways to make the most of your Amazon gift card, whether it's physical or digital.

    Method #1

    Let's discuss the first method, in which the balance of your gift card can be added to your account so that it can be used in the future.

    Step 1: Grab Your Amazon Gift Card Claim Code

    To start, locate the claim code on your gift card. This unique code, like ABCD-1234-MAAP-8998, is your ticket to redeeming the card's value. You'll need this code to add the gift card funds to your Amazon account.

    Step 2: Redeem Your Amazon Gift Card on a Computer

    where is the claim code on the amazon gift card

    If you're using a computer (Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook), open your web browser, go to Amazon, and sign in. Hover over "Account & Lists," then choose "Account" from the submenu. Click "Gift Cards" and hit "Redeem a Gift Card." Enter your claim code, click "Apply to Your Balance," and voila – your gift card value is now part of your account balance.

    Step 3: Redeem Your Amazon Gift Card on Mobile

    where is the claim code on a amazon gift card

    For those on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device, fire up the Amazon app. Tap your user icon, scroll down to "Gift Card Balance," and choose "Redeem Gift Card." Enter the claim code manually or scan your card. Click "Apply to Your Balance," and just like that, your gift card funds are ready to use.

    Method # 2

    Another way to use your Amazon gift card is during the checkout process. Here's how it works:

    1. Begin filling your Amazon cart with the items you wish to purchase.
    2. Go to the Checkout page once your cart is ready.
    3. On the checkout page, you'll find an option to redeem your gift card. You can deduct the corresponding amount from your total when you enter the claim code from your gift card.
    4. If the total cost of your items exceeds the gift card amount, the remaining balance will be charged to your default payment method.

    This way, you can make the most of your gift card value while conveniently completing your purchase on Amazon.

    What Problems May Arise When Redeeming Your Amazon Gift Card?

    where is claim code on amazon gift card

    After knowing where is claim code on Amazon gift card, you must be aware of the problems while redeeming it. Amazon isn't flawless, and there might be hiccups when trying to claim your gift card codes. Here's a rundown of potential issues:

    Non-Delivery of Gift Card: If your gift card hasn't reached its destination, double-check the recipient's email address. Also, have them look into their "junk" and "spam" folders. If needed, the card can be resent up to five times but remember. The previous card has to be deactivated before new ones are issued.

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    Already Redeemed Gift Card: If the recipient encounters an error message when redeeming, the code may have been used. Check the account balance to confirm.

    Application to the Wrong Account: Sharing devices for logins can lead to the gift card being applied to the wrong account. Before redeeming, ensure you're logged into the correct Amazon account and never share the code or order details.

    Unreadable Claim Code: If the claim code is unclear, contact Amazon immediately. Have the serial number and order details ready. If the card was purchased from a store, seek assistance from the store.

    Other Issues: Remind buyers to review Amazon's Terms and Conditions. Ensure they're not unknowingly violating any rules that could impact their purchase. It's always good to be on the safe side.

    As a buyer, you may sometimes think of doing Amazon refund tricks with sellers. Read our guide on this to know why you should avoid this.


    We hope after reading our guide, where is claim code on Amazon gift card and how to redeem them. Whether you receive a physical or electronic card, the claim code is your key to unlocking endless possibilities on the Amazon platform. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can confidently redeem your gift card and explore the different products and services Amazon offers.

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    Where Is The Claim Code On An Amazon Gift Card?

    Claim code on an Amazon gift card is typically located on the back of the card. You'll need to scratch off the protective coating to reveal the code.

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