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amazon premium beauty fees
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    Ultimate Guide to Amazon Premium Beauty Program

    Are you an Amazon seller looking to boost your beauty product sales and expand your reach to a broader audience? If so, you're in for a treat! As the beauty and personal care industry continues its remarkable growth, Amazon has introduced its Amazon Premium Beauty category. Statista says the online beauty market has captured consumers' attention by 48%.

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    So, if you're a brand owner or part of a team contemplating whether to showcase your product in Amazon Premium Beauty, this guide is for you. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve deep into the Amazon Premium Beauty Program details. Furthermore, we'll share valuable insights and tips for beauty brands keen on becoming part of this Amazon category!

    What is Amazon Premium Beauty? What You Can Find In This Category?

    amazon premium beauty fees

    Amazon Premium Beauty category, formerly known as "Luxury Beauty" and now called "Amazon Luxury Stores," is a haven for beauty enthusiasts. It includes an array of beauty products that grace the shelves of prestigious retail stores like Sephora, Ulta, and Nordstrom. 

    The term "premium" is a badge of distinction, setting these products apart from their mass-market or drugstore counterparts.

    Also, if you want to engage your customers with catchy Amazon product descriptions, read our Amazon SEO guide to beat the competition.

    What are Amazon Premium Beauty Fees? How Much Does this Program Cost?

    The Amazon Premium Beauty fee is around $40 per month. However, the Amazon Premium Beauty fees aren’t covered here. Brands should also consider the following fees along with the premium beauty fee:

    Therefore, beauty brands must acquire effective cost management and optimized selling strategies to achieve profitability.

    Also, if you’re a newly emerging brand, then selling to a brand partner will benefit you. Read our guide on the advantages of selling to a brand partner to comprehend this process.

    Which Brands Does the Amazon Premium Beauty Program Include? Why were these Brands chosen?

    The Amazon Premium Beauty Category boasts an impressive array of prestige brands meticulously selected for their relentless commitment to quality, effectiveness, and luxury allure. Here’s the list of some Amazon Premium Brands brands:

    • ABBA
    • ACTIIV
    • AG HAIR
    • AGADIR
    • AHAVA
    • BABOR 
    • BAXTER OF CALIFORNIA, and so on.

    These brands have earned their renown through their sumptuous formulations and exquisite packaging. They offer diverse products to cater to even the most discerning beauty aficionados.

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    Beyond these well-known names, the category also welcomes lesser-known yet equally remarkable brands. This diversity ensures that customers have a vast selection at their fingertips, guaranteeing the discovery of the perfect product to meet their unique beauty needs.

    How to sell on Amazon Premium Beauty?

    While the specific criteria for brands in Premium Beauty Amazon can vary, several general guidelines typically apply to most premium beauty brands. These encompass:

    • Approval: Brands already available at Ulta, Sephora, Nordstrom, or Salons, Spas, and Barbershops stand a higher chance of acceptance into the Premium/Professional Beauty program.
    • Product Quality: Products featured in Amazon Premium Beauty must uphold strict standards of quality and authenticity, with an absolute prohibition on intellectual property rights infringement.
    • Brand Reputation: Brands must boast a sterling reputation and adhere to Amazon's brand protection requirements.
    • Product Listings: Listings must be precise, comprehensive, and conform to Amazon's listing guidelines for beauty products. This includes furnishing appropriate images and detailed descriptions.
    • Pricing and Availability: Prices must remain competitive, aligning with industry norms, and products must be readily available for immediate shipping.

    Product Listing Differences in the Premium Beauty Category

    amazon premium beauty program

    The product listing requirements in this premium category differ from those of traditional products sold on Amazon. In this category, you're allowed three brief bullet points: 

    • Description (229 characters)
    • Benefit (115 characters)
    • Suggested Use (160 characters)

    Furthermore, small images with icons or callouts are permissible for these bullet points.

    Is Amazon Premium Beauty a part of Amazon Vendor (1P) or Seller (3P)?

    Amazon's Premium Beauty selection extends an open invitation to vendors and sellers, operating as a versatile 1P/3P marketplace. This exclusive category comprises meticulously curated high-end beauty products that must meet strict benchmarks in quality and performance to earn inclusion.

    Vendors may submit applications to feature their products in Premium Beauty, while sellers fortunate enough to receive invitations can list their offerings within the Premium Beauty category. However, due to its high-end status, the Amazon Premium Beauty fees are higher than other beauty categories on Amazon.

    What Categories Are Included In Amazon Premium Beauty?

    Amazon Premium Beauty offers a carefully curated collection of luxurious, high-end beauty products exclusively available on Amazon. This category includes a diverse array of items, spanning various beauty needs:

    • Makeup: In this section, you'll discover various cosmetics, including foundation, mascara, lipstick, and eyeshadow. Renowned brands like Chanel, Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent grace this category, offering top-tier choices.
    • Skincare: The skincare category offers cleansers, moisturizers, and anti-aging treatments. Esteemed brands like La Mer, SK-II, and Sunday Riley showcase their skincare solutions.
    • Haircare: It offers premium shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. Brands like Oribe, Bumble Bumble, and Living Proof bring their expertise to this category, ensuring your locks receive the best care.
    • Fragrance: This category offers designer fragrances catering to both men and women. It includes scents from renowned brands like Tom Ford, Jo Malone, and Creed.

    What is Amazon Premium Beauty Advent Calendar?

    The best way to test any product is by getting it in a mini version. Miniatures allow you to try out a product to see if it works before committing to the full size.

    And guess what? During the holiday season, you're in for a treat. Many of the brands in this Premium Beauty category offer their products in beautifully packaged holiday advent calendars.

    This calendar lets you explore the bestsellers from a single brand and introduces you to a treasure trove of luxury brands and their most beloved products.

    Also, if you want to prevent your brand from fake people who don’t return products after getting the refund, read our guide on Amazon refund trick without return

    Amazon Premium Beauty Program Selection Criteria

    amazon premium beauty advent calendar

    To fully harness the potential of the Amazon Premium Beauty program, brands need to fulfill the following requirements:

    1. Enroll in Amazon's Brand Registry program
    2. Maintain a minimum 4-star rating
    3. Ensure each product has at least 50 customer reviews
    4. All products maintain quality standards
    5. Professional-grade product images
    6. Provide precise product information
    7. Comply with Amazon's policies

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    Pros and Cons of Premium Beauty



    • The primary challenge is cost. Premium Beauty imposes an additional 15% charge on top of the fees brands already incur for selling on Amazon.
    • Furthermore, brands must be prepared for heightened competition due to the program's exclusivity.
    • Meeting and maintaining this program's rigorous standards and Amazon's policies can also be challenging, particularly for emerging brands.

    Tips for Success in Amazon Beauty Brand

    amazon premium beauty brands

    If you’re an emerging brand, follow these tips to rock in this category:

    • Focus on Quality: Quality is the program's bedrock. Brands should ensure high-quality items, provide precise product information, and prioritize exceptional customer service.
    • Know Your Numbers: Given the potential impact of the 15% fee on margins, brands must deeply understand their unit economics at the SKU level. This knowledge helps eliminate surprises associated with program participation.
    • Stay Compliant: Strict adherence to Amazon's policies is paramount for ensuring longevity in the program.


    The Amazon Premium Beauty Program is a ticket for Amazon sellers to enter the highly competitive beauty market on the world's largest e-commerce platform. It's not just about selling beauty items; it's about gaining access to a curated selection of high-end beauty brands and harnessing the power of Amazon's extensive customer base.

    Also, if you want to elevate your beauty brand's presence on Amazon, your search ends with Swift. Our experienced experts will help you unlock your full potential on the platform, offering a comprehensive range of services.

    Our services include Amazon account management, SEO optimization, image enhancement, A+ content design, PPC and DSP ad management, and more. With Swift Reports, you can access your free 1 ASIN review from our experts. See more details here.

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    Frequently Asked Question

    Is Amazon Premium Beauty Genuine?

    Yes, Premium Beauty is a genuine program offered by Amazon. This program provides customers with premium beauty items, offering brands increased visibility and credibility on the platform.

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