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    6 Best Amazon Review Checker Tools - Your Fake Review Radar

    Counterfeit reviews have become an escalating concern on e-commerce platforms. So, are you tired of falling for fake product reviews on Amazon? Does it become challenging for you to distinguish between illegitimate and authentic reviews? Amazon review checker will help you! With its advanced AI algorithms and extensive database, it detects fake reviews with astonishing accuracy, empowering you to shop confidently. But you might be wondering how to find the ideal review checker for Amazon. Or how can you check which Amazon reviews are fake?

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    In this guide, we’ve curated a list of 6 best Amazon review checkers and how to determine a fake review's legitimacy. Moreover, we’ll guide you on how to check reviews on Amazon and how these review checkers will benefit you in the long run. 

    So, let’s delve deeper to save your money and time!

    What Is Amazon Review Checker?

    It’s an online tool designed to identify and flag suspicious or fake reviews on the Amazon marketplace. According to Statista, around 42% of reviews across various review websites are fraudulent. Moreover, manually inspecting each Amazon listing for fake reviews can be time-consuming and impractical. Therefore, an Amazon fake review checker automates this process, allowing sellers to identify potentially deceptive or manipulated feedback quickly.

    To use an Amazon review checker, you input the URL of an Amazon product listing, and the tool analyzes the reviews associated with that product. It uses various algorithms and criteria to assess the authenticity of the reviews. The checker then presents the findings, highlighting reviews that appear suspicious or likely to be fake.

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    List of 6 Best Amazon Review Checkers

    Here are some software tools designed to help users identify and assess the authenticity of product reviews on Amazon:

    1. ReviewMeta Review Checker
    reviewmeta amazon review checker

    ReviewMeta is a product review checker that evaluates testimonials using various tests to generate a rating based solely on real reviews. It aims to detect and filter out "unnatural reviews" using algorithms and data analysis to present unbiased buyer opinions. To use ReviewMeta, users enter an Amazon link, and the tool provides an Adjusted Rating based on genuine customer reviews, with any fake feedback excluded. It also offers a Report Card showing the percentage of suspicious reviews, the number of valid unverified orders, and the presence of suspicious shoppers.

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    1. FakeSpot
    fakespot amazon review check

    Fakespot uses AI technology to identify suspicious activities by analyzing millions of product reviews. Users can determine the authenticity of a product's customer reviews by inputting a link into Fakespot's analyzer. The tool provides a review rating from A to F, representing the credibility of the client reviews. It also recalculates an adjusted rating by excluding potentially fake ratings.

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    1. TheReviewIndex
    the review index amazon reviews checker

    TheReviewIndex utilizes neural networks and data crawling to detect suspicious patterns in product testimonials and generate insights. You have to input an Amazon product URL and use the Summarize feature to obtain an Overview score from 1 to 10 and a Spam Test result (fail, warn, or pass).

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    The tool's Review Summary includes feedback grouped by categories like Reliability and Price, along with an assessment of whether the testimonials were mainly positive or negative in each category. The Spam Test identifies abnormal reviewer behavior, such as numerous reviews from new Amazon users and their overall activity in the marketplace.

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    1. Appbot
    appbot amazon fake review checker

    Source: https://www.gadgetreview.com/best-amazon-review-checker#do-you-really-need-to-use-an-amazon-review-ch

    Appbot is a versatile tool that monitors testimonials and gathers information from various global markets. It offers an auto-translation feature, making it easy to comprehend customer feedback written in different languages. Unlike other tools, it’s primarily designed for mobile app developers rather than general consumers. It assists businesses in making informed decisions, identifying areas for improvement, and providing a smooth experience for customers. It fosters a more personal connection with customers, offers powerful integrations, and measures overall effectiveness.

    1. AMZ Tracker
    AMZ Tracker review checker

    AMZ Tracker is tailored specifically for Amazon merchants aiming to improve their rankings and reviews. The tool provides various features to help Amazon business owners track their seller rankings and maintain their reputations. Also, it offers a 7-day free trial for users to explore its capabilities and make informed decisions. AMZ Tracker provides a comprehensive selling strategy that considers all crucial factors related to client service and support to enhance the quality of goods.

    1. Review Monitoring
    review monitoring

    Review Monitoring is an Amazon review checker that categorizes customer reviews into three types: verified, unverified, and Vine. Verified reviews are considered the most authentic, while Amazon Vine reviews may be suspected of being fake. Unverified reviews fall in the middle, as their authenticity is uncertain. The tool helps users identify a product's most relevant features, simplifying decision-making.

    It’s widely appreciated for its high accuracy in assessing Amazon reviews. It provides a safe and suitable solution for all users, regardless of their needs. Notably, even large corporations rely on this tool, which speaks to its reliability and trustworthiness. Whether you are an individual shopper or a business owner, you can rely on Review Monitoring to make an informed decision based on honest customer feedback.

    Why Do You Need Amazon Review Checker?

    1. Authenticity Verification: It helps you identify fake or manipulated reviews, ensuring you can trust genuine customer feedback. This is crucial in making informed purchasing decisions or understanding the actual reputation of a product.
    1. Time-Saving: Scanning through numerous reviews manually can be time-consuming. An Amazon review checker automates the process, quickly analyzing and categorizing reviews, saving you valuable time and effort.

    Do you want to register your brand on Amazon effortlessly? Read our guide on Amazon brand registry in 2023.

    1. Confidence in Purchase: By using a review checker, you can confidently make purchases, knowing that you are basing your decisions on reliable and unbiased feedback from verified customers.
    1. Protecting Your Business: If you are a seller on Amazon, it helps you monitor and manage the reviews on your product listings. It allows you to identify and address fake or negative reviews that might harm your brand reputation.
    1. Improving Products and Services: For businesses, an Amazon review checker can provide valuable insights into customer sentiments and preferences. Analyzing feedback can help you understand what customers like or dislike about your products, enabling you to improve accordingly.
    1. Competition Analysis: It helps you analyze your competitors' products and reviews. Understanding their strengths and weaknesses can inform your marketing and product development strategies.
    1. Transparency: It demonstrates your commitment to transparency and honest customer feedback. It shows that you value genuine opinions and want to provide the best experience to your customers.
    1. Minimizing Risks: Avoiding products with many suspicious reviews can help you avoid scams, low-quality items, or inflated ratings.

    How to Check if the Review is Fake?

    amazon review checker

    To identify fake reviews, five key criteria can raise suspicion:

    • Big Differences in Ratings: When comparing the rating of the product you're interested in with its competitors, you can find significant discrepancies in ratings with suspicion. Additionally, pay attention to the distribution of reviews, such as a high percentage of 5-star ratings alongside a significant number of 1-star ratings.
    • Five-Star Reviews with Short, One-Line Comments: Multiple five-star reviews with brief, generic comments should raise alarm bells. Authentic reviews typically provide more detailed and specific feedback.
    • Vague Reviews: Reviews that are overly positive or negative without providing specific reasons or details might be fake. Genuine reviews usually include specific experiences or features influencing the reviewer's opinion.
    • Too Good to Be True Reviews: Unrealistically positive reviews that present a product as flawless or the best on the market should be scrutinized. All products have strengths and weaknesses, and overly exaggerated praise may indicate manipulation.
    • Mention of Competing Products: A review suggesting buying a different brand's product instead of the one being reviewed could be a red flag for potential bias or dishonesty.

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    With these 6 best Amazon review checkers as your trusty companions, navigating the vast ocean of reviews will be a breeze. No more falling victim to fake feedback and regrettable purchases. An Amazon review checker has everything from real-time review analysis to advanced algorithms to help you bid farewell to deceptive reviews and make confident choices. So, try these review checkers to conquer fake reviews and make informed decisions!

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    PAA Related to Amazon Review Checker

    How Many Amazon Reviews Are Fake?

    According to Statista, almost half of the reviews on Amazon are counterfeit. The worst categories include beauty products, with 63% fake reviews and electronics, with 61% fake reviews.

    Is Posting Fake Reviews on Amazon Illegal?

    Yes, posting counterfeit reviews on Amazon is illegal. 

    How To Filter Counterfeit Reviews On Amazon?

    No, Amazon doesn’t allow you to filter reviews on its website. However, Amazon review checkers can help you filter reviews for you.

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